Navigating the NDIS can be daunting, especially if the NDIS marks the first time you or your loved one are accessing supports and services. That’s why we’ve created the NDIS 101 series. Inform’s NDIS 101 series aims to take some of the confusion out of understanding, accessing and using the NDIS by providing straightforward information and resources.

Housing and the NDIS

Where we choose to live and who we choose to live with are some of the biggest and most important decisions we can make. But what if you need support to live where you want? Or maybe, you need to make modifications to your home so that it’s accessible for you?

For people with disability, a home that doesn’t meet their needs can make life really tough. It can stop you from studying or working and can impact your ability to be involved with your community.

What can the NDIS do to help? By prioritising choice and control, the NDIS allows participants the freedom to choose where they live and provides resources to control what that space looks like.

But that doesn’t make the process any less tricky to navigate. So we’ve put together some helpful tips about what the NDIS can help with and what they will not cover.

What supports can the NDIS fund?

One of the driving principles of the NDIS is independence. In line with that, the NDIS will provide funding for participants to live independently. This may include:

  • Supports that help you build your ability live independently. This could include funding for improving your household and money management skills, social skills and communication skills.
  • Home modifications. These modifications may be made to your own home, private rental properties and in social housing.
  • Personal care supports. This includes assistance with showering or dressing.
  • Home help. This includes tasks around your home that you’re unable to do because of your disability, such as laundry or cleaning.

What won’t the NDIS fund?

The NDIS will not provide any support to cover daily living costs like rent, groceries or bills.

As a general rule, things like furniture, appliances or cooking utensils are also not covered. However, there are limited circumstances where the NDIS will help, being those cases where the cost is because of your disability or is higher because of your disability.

Further resources

While the NDIS can’t cover all housing support, but there are some other resources and supports available. These include:

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